Picture of Mr. Bopp

Administrator: Derrick Bopp

Picture of Mrs. Smith

Business Manager: Mindy Smith

Picture of Mrs. Carblom

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Carblom

Picture of Ms. Thiel

Adult Education: Chantal Thiel

Picture of Mr. Fritz

Agriculture: William Fritz

Picture of Mr. McFadgen

Automotive Technology: Jim McFadgen

Picture of Mr. Wilson

Automotive Tech Aide: Josh Wilson

Picture of Mrs. Kaspari

Career Counselor – Maple Valley: Julie Kaspari

Picture of Mrs. Tottingham

Career Counselor – Valley City: Mona Tottingham

Picture of Mrs. Botz

Career Resource Education: Kalyn Botz

Picture of Mr. Bowen

Construction Technology: Jason Bowen

Picture of Mr. Holland

Graphics Communication: Eric Holland

Picture of Mrs. Grafing

Health Careers: Megan Grafing

Picture of Mrs. Haglund

Health Careers Aide: Toni Haglund

Picture of Ms. Bussman

Information Technology: D’Aulan Bussman

Picture of Mr. Reinke

Welding: Dennis Reinke


Adult Education – Jamestown: Kim Thoele

Career Counselor – Litchville-Marion: Lacey Enger

 School Board


Mike Schwehr, President

Dustin Theurer, Vice President

Picture of Mr. Anderson

School Board Member: Darin Anderson

Picture of Mr. Mathias

School Board Member: Ryan Mathias

Wayne Smith, Member