Picture of Sheyenne valley Area Career and Technology CenterThe Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Technology Center (SVACTC) is a separate facility designed to offer additional elective courses to students from our member schools Barnes County North, Litchville-Marion, Maple Valley and Valley City Public Schools. The Sheyenne Area Career and Technology Center was founded August of 1976 thanks to the fore-thought of area school administrators and board members from those schools involved at that time. Students from our member schools are bussed to the Center for instruction each day. We also provide education opportunities for these students through either interactive television ITV or online coursework.

The SVACTC is governed by a board composed of members from each of the participating school boards (Barnes County North, Litchville-Marion, Maple Valley and Valley City Public Schools). This board determines the manner in which the center is to be operated. The programs offered at the Center give students an opportunity to learn more about various occupations and explore career opportunities. Upon successful completion of a program, students have job entry skills in that area. Students completing a program may want to begin working in that field directly after high school. The coursework and skills learned in classes provided by the Center serve to enhance education received from their home schools.

The students may also choose additional training after high school (technical school or college) and their Career and Technology background could help them decide in which area they wish to specialize. Job and wage earning skills are of ultimate importance to everyone. Regardless of whether they choose to enter the world of work or a field associated with the Center program completed, they will increase their personal values and have a greater appreciation for the various occupations. Each student has a right to grow to the maximum of their potential. Learning how to work with other individuals, developing an appreciation of the skills of trades people and professionals, learning how to do many things by one’s self, and drawing upon one’s own resources are some of the values and appreciations that materialize for every student no matter what program the learning takes place in.